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BFCL Grant Programs

MEA is focusing resources into supporting locals as they reengage and work to sign up members. BFCL Grant funds are available to support locals with efforts to recruit new members.

BFCL Grant Guidelines and How to Apply

BFCL Summary Sheet

Spring 2024 BFCL Overview

Reminders about Giveaways:

For BFCL questions and comments please email

Please remember if you are planning on ordering any giveaways or t-shirts, please follow the guidelines below to be eligible for these funds:

  • Please DO NOT purchase gift cards, alcohol, or lottery tickets with BFCL funds.
  • Please DO NOT make purchases at Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club with BFCL funds.
  • Any T-shirts, bags, hats, or clothing of any kind must have the new MEA logo on them either with the name of your local under it or with your local’s logo (if you have one). The MEA logo can also be placed on the sleeve. Please contact Gus Schowengerdt at to request an MEA logo that can be used by your designer or local vendor, along with guidelines for the logo’s use.
  • For trinkets, giveaways, and other types of apparel, you may work with your local vendor and request USA made items (preferably union made). Please remember that it is important to look for a union print shop as it has the union bug on items when printed. MEA is a union and it is important that we remember to support union shops. For information on union print shops please contact Brett Smith at