Center for Leadership and Learning

Building A Full Capacity Local

Building a full capacity local is the number one job for every local leader and does not fall on just the president! Strong locals implement best practices, have strong membership numbers with a shared leadership model with a focus on building the bench.

Full-capacity locals are setting and achieving goals with broad participation in all leadership levels within the association. The larger the local, there is more opportunity for participation and engagement from your membership.

MEA offers many trainings and resources that are available to help build a full capacity local from our conferences, our Leader & Member Training Program, and Governance Super Week virtual trainings throughout the year. Consistency and commitment are key, as we make sure locals are following best practices to meet the needs of our members


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The Capacity Continuum (DOCUMENT COMING SOON) was created to provide members with a roadmap or a baseline of expectations that must be met to provide the services that our members deserve and expect.